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Securities and Investment Advisory services offered through NBC Securities, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. Investment products 1) are
not FDIC insured 2)not guaranteed by any bank and 3)may lose value including a possible loss of principal invested. NBC Securities
does not provide legal or tax advice. Recipients should consult with their own legal or tax professional prior to making any decision with a
legal or tax consequence.  
Introducing our broker-dealer - NBCS
NBC Securities is a  
full service
providing investment
services to retail and
institutional clients
in the south east
NBC Securities, Inc.

NBC Securities, Inc. is a full service broker-dealer and a registered investment advisor that has grown to
provide investment services to retail and institutional clients through a variety of distribution channels
throughout the Southeast. Our Financial Consultants average over 20 years of industry experience and have
investment expertise in a variety of areas. We provide financial advice and solutions through a diverse menu
of investment products and services which include equities, fixed income, mutual funds, separately managed
accounts, annuities, and life insurance.

NBC Securities was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of National Bank of Commerce of Birmingham in
Alabama. In July, 2010 NBC Securities executed a change of ownership agreement with RBC Bank (USA), the
subsequent owner of the broker-dealer through a series of bank mergers and acquisitions. Through this
agreement, the founding management group of NBC Securities was able to assume ownership while also
forming a strategic relationship with RBC Capital Markets Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal
Bank of Canada.

NBC Securities now is able to leverage the financial strength and security of RBC Capital Markets to provide
our clients with clearance of securities transactions and custody of financial assets through RBC. NBC
Securities and RBC Bank (USA) also entered into a financial services agreement under which NBC Securities
financial consultants in RBC Bank locations continue to assist clients with financial advice and services.
These strategic alignments enable NBC Securities to focus on its primary objectives of providing the highest
level of sales and service to our clients and employees while maintaining access to industry leading wealth
management solutions and custodial services through RBC.

We are very pleased with the balance that independent ownership gives us in the flexibility to focus on our
core values of providing superior financial solutions and services to our clients and employees while enabling
us to seek strategic third-party relationships to provide these same clients and employees with the strength
and resources of organizations like RBC. We value the relationships we have with our clients, our employees
and our financial partners and we are excited about our future opportunities.

NBC Securities, Inc.
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Bruce Hagan
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